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by Arthur Dungate


Lime Grove demolition

The end of an era

  8: Making a Tidy Site

  mounds of rubble (17K)

When a building has been demolished, the rubble has to be cleared away. And there was a large amount of this!



Seen from road level, a cleared site.

cleared site, from road (10K) 

  North Block - outer wall remaining (10K)

North Block - only the outer wall remaining.



There was a sliding door (now bricked up) which at one time gave access to the houses.

Blocked entrances to houses (11K) 

  East Block wall remains. Railway above (11K)

The East Block wall remains, with the railway viaduct behind.



Looking south towards Smith's Yard. The street of Lime Grove is at the extreme right.

view towards Smith's yard, looking south (11K) 

  cleared site looking south-east (12K)

The cleared site, looking south-east.

[photos: Nigel Finnis]



Now that the studios were gone, and the valuable site cleared, it was to be re-developed.


A New Lime Grove