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by Arthur Dungate


Lime Grove demolition

The end of an era

  6: Knock It Down!


With this - - -

The metal demolition ball. According to the National Federation of Demolition Contractors, demolition balls range from quarter of a ton to one ton, in quarter ton increments.... and probably one of the heavier ones was used here. It is swung against the walls with great force from a large crane.

demolition ball (12K) 

  Smith's Block facing Goldhawk Rd. Before (during) (13K)

The end wall of Smith's Block (facing south towards Goldhawk Road). Already the roof has been removed.



The south end of Smith's Block, half gone - so have the cars....

Smith's Block facing Goldhawk Rd. - and after. (12K) 

  Smith's Block - BBC Club and Film Editing and Graphics (16K)

At the other end of Smith's Block were the BBC Club, Film Editing and Graphics. And the blue water tower is visible.



Half way along there is now a gap in the building.

Smith's Block GV (16K) 

  Smith's Block - top floor demolition. Note: window frame on its way downwards (17K)

Demolition of the top floor of Smith's Block. On the right is a window frame on its way downwards.



Smith's Block largely gone.

Smith's Block demolition (14K) 

  Presentation Block demolished. Studio G demolished. (view from Smith's Yard - BBC Club end) (16K)

As seen from Smith's Yard (from the BBC Club end), both Presentation Block and Studio G are now gone.



On the left the remaining walls of South Block with airconducting scrap on the ground. In the distance is a skip from Aherne, the asbestos removal contractor. The tower with its blue water tank on top has now been dismantled.

South Block - view from street. Gatehouse demolished and airconducting scrap. Asbestos removal contractors (Ahern) skip in distance. Water tower dismantled (16K) 

  At least half of South Block had been demolished (13K)

At least half of South Block has now been demolished.



Centre Block. Demolition of Studio G control rooms, and the Dubbing Theatre.

Centre Block. Demolition of Studio G control rooms, and Dubbing Theatre. (11K) 

  South Block - rear view from Smith's Yard. Temporary steps lead up to portakabin office (13K)

Much of South Block has gone. This is a rear view from Smith's Yard. The temporary steps (bottom left) lead up to a portakabin office.



All during the demolition, electric trains on the Metropolitan line, (part of London's Underground system) passed the site.

train passes the site (11K) 

  All visitors must report to site office (17K)

South Block - gone, now there is just a mass of rubble.

[photos: Nigel Finnis]


End of North Block