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by Arthur Dungate


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1939 closedown - have they got it wrong?
About Britain - programme series
Ainsworth, Alyn Conductor
Alexandra Palace Television Society - (APTS)
Alexandra Park race track
All Your Own - childrens programme
Andy Pandy - childrens programme
Anecdotes - remembrancies of television in the '30s and '40s
AP Shift
Ashes - cricket
Attenborough, David - programme Producer
Auntie BBC

B Racks - at AP
Backpage - what others have said about this site
BAF soundtrack
Baker, Richard - Newsreader
Barnes, Tom - Chief Projectionist
BBC Exhibition - during the 1951 Festival of Britain
Beeney, Christopher - Actor
Bell, Allan - film Editor
Bird, Mary - childrens programme Contributor
BTR2 - audio tape recorder by EMI
Byers, John - Head of Film Recording
Byrne, Peter - Actor

Cablefilm - pre-satellite system using
trans-Atlantic telephone cable

Calais - first tv pictures from, 1950
Captain Horatio Hornblower - radio serial
Cartier, Rudolph - programme Producer
CBC Hot Kine - Canadian 16mm telerecording system
CCR - Central Control Room, AP
Cintel 35mm telecine flying spot film scanners
Clayton, Jack - sound Supervisor
Closedown - 1939 - have they got it wrong?
Club films - what we got up to off-air
CNR - BBC Childrens Television Newsreel
Colomb, John - dubbing Mixer
Coronation ---
Clean feed
--- Recording
--- Schedules - morning, afternoon and evening programme
schedules, plus Daily Allocation
--- The one that never was - The Coronation that nobody
was supposed to see...

Cowell, Elizabeth - pre-war tv Announcer
Current Release - film review programme


Alexandra Palace (2K) Andy Pandy (2K) Sylvia Peters (2K) Coronation (3K) BBC Coat of Arms (3K) Normal Service (2K)


De Wolfe - Music Publisher
Deamer, Barry - Stills Dept, AP
Demfilm ---
The morning Demonstration Film
--- Contents and music details
Dick Barton - Special Agent - detective radio serial
Dimbleby, Richard - Presenter and Commentator
Dimmock, Peter - Presenter and Producer
Dive - the pub near AP
Dixon Of Dock Green - programme series
Doncaster, Caryl - programme Producer
Dorté, Philip - TNR Producer
DRD/5 - 3-speed microgroove disc reproducer
Dubbing Theatres ---
--- AP
--- Lime Grove
--- Riverside Studios
--- a typical dubbing session in the mid-1950s
Duncan, John - Sound Recordist

Elizabethan Television - a special evening, 1953
EMI telecine - 35mm and 16mm
Emitron - tv cameras
Engineering PBX
Engineering Training Dept - at Wood Norton

Farquharson-Small, W - programme Producer
Film Unit
Flowerpot Men - childrens programme
Flying Spot Mechau - 35mm telecine
Foreign Correspondent - 1940 cinema feature film
Fox, Paul - TNR scriptwriter
France - first tv pictures from Calais, 1950
France - first live OB from Paris, 1952


Richard Dimbleby (2K) Elizabethan announcer (2K) Flowerpot Men (2K) Childrens TV(2K)


Gallery - a selection of early test cards, tuning signals etc
Garden - the tv garden at AP
Gilbert, Joan - programme Presenter
Gillingwater, Ron - news music Editor
Gosling, Reg - news music Editor
Gray, Donald - Actor, and guest TV Announcer
Greenslade, Wallace - Newsreader
Grove Family - programme series

Halliday, Edward - TNR Narrator
Harben Philip - cookery programme Presenter
Heale, Jeanne - programme Presenter
Hobley, McDonald - Senior tv Announcer
Hoffnung concert
Hopalong Cassidy - cinema feature films
Hot Kine - CBC 16mm telerecording system
Huntley, John

In The News - current affairs programme series
Induction course - for new engineering staff
Interludes ---
Interludes - general
List and music used
International Commentary - current affairs programme series


Grove Family (3K) Mac Hobley (2K) Houses of Parliament (2K)


Kays Laboratories - film processing
Kendall, Kenneth - Newsreader

Library music
Life With The Lyons - programme series
Links to related websites
Lime Grove Studios
Lime Grove - the lift
Lingstrom, Freda - Head of Childrens TV
Lloyd James, David CNR Narrator
London to Brighton in 4 Minutes - famous trick photography film


Lime Grove (2K) London to Brighton (4K)


Malcolm, Mary - TV Announcer
Malcolm, Mary - her Radio Times article
Marconi-Stille - recording system
Mayhew, Christopher - current affairs Presenter
Mechau - 35mm German film projector used as telecine
Mechau - biography of Emil Mechau the inventor
Memos - full of initials
Middleton, Noelle - guest TV Announcer
Monoscope - device for electronic test card generation
Mood music
Morris, Johnny - 'Animal Magic' Presenter
Moye-Mechau - 35mm telerecording system

News And Newsreel - and the last TNR
News And Newsreel - at AP
News on tv
Newsreels - TNR and CNR
Newsreel music - TNR and CNR
Newsreel cameramen
1984 - George Orwell's play
Northern Dance Orchestra (NDO)
Northwood, Bill - news Producer
Noordhof, George - science programme Producer

Oxford Street - 200 Oxford St, General Overseas Service


Richard Baker (2K) Entente Cordiale (3K)


Paris - the first tv relay from another tv network in Europe, 1952
Party films - Xmas Staff Party
Pattern Of Marriage - programme series
Peer Gynt - play using two studios
Peters, Sylvia - TV Announcer
Philips, Frank - Newsreader
Philips-Miller - recording system
Pranks - some escapades

Quatermass Experiment - first sci-fi serial
Quatermass II - Nigel Kneale's second sci-fi serial

Racking - in film projection
Redmond, Jimmy - Engineer
RCA soundtrack
Riverside Studios
Robin Hood - earliest surviving example of a BBC Tv drama series
Robinson, Eric - Conductor
Royal Albert Hall - free tickets


Quatermas II (2K) Frank Philips (2K) Eric Robinson (2K)


Salote - Queen of Tonga
Saunders, Bob - relief dubbing mixer
Science News - science programme series
Shellhaven - Quatermass II location
Smith, Don - CNR Producer
Smith, Herbert - CHildren's Hour Producer, Manchester
Smith, Ivor - Telerecording Supervisor
Smog - in London
Soper, Tony - Naturalist
Soup Kitchen - Film processing room
Stereo sound - Experiment
Streeter, Fred - tv Gardener
Sturley, Dr K.R. - Head of Engineering Training Dept
Summers, John - Studio cameraman
Suppressed Frame - 35mm telerecording system

TD/7 - 78rpm twin turntable desk
Telecine ---
Cintel flying spot film scanners
--- EMI flying spot film scanners
--- Flying Spot Mechau
Telefilm - 35mm Mechau recording system, AP
Telerecording ---
at Lime Grove
--- 35mm Moye-Mechau system
--- 35mm Suppressed Frame system
--- 16mm 'in house' system (Siemens)
Television today
Test Card A
Test Card C
Thankyou Ally Pally - programme
Tilt and Bend - Emitron characteristic
TNR - BBC Television Newsreel
TNR - sync system for archiving
Transmitter - AP vision transmitter
Tuning Signals
Turrell, Daphne - producer of film compilations

Upstairs, Downstairs - ITV programme series


Tuning signal (2K) Interlude (2K) TNR main title (2K) Test Card C (3K)


Victory At Sea - NBC film series
View Master - home tv construction set

Wartime closedown - have they got it wrong?
Waters, Gordon - Engineer
Western Approaches - 1944 documentary film
Wheldon, Huw - programme Producer
Whitelaw, Billie - Actress
Wood CBB - BBC Designs Dept
Wood Norton - Engineering Training centre


Victory at Sea (3K) AP mast end title (2K)